WhisperGLIDE Two Bench


Excellence through Quality Design, the Finest Components and Superior Craftsmanship.

Whether you are able to run or walk, the WhisperGLIDE swing offers a seat for everyone. The swing's exclusive attribute is its ability to bring people together of all ages and capabilities in a relaxed and socially inviting atmosphere. Since the entire platform swings, the seats remain in a level position during the arc, thus all swing occupants can enjoy the same swing motion simultaneously. The smooth and consistent swing movement provides a therapeutic motion for all occupants, thus promoting a sense of tranquility and social interaction resulting in bringing joy to life.

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Product Description

Swings include:

Canopy, Safety Floor Handrail, Table & Table Handrail

Low effort swing movement

Created by applying pressure with ones feet to the swing platform or push/pull the table handrail with ones arms.

  • Precision, self-lubricating oil-lite bronze bushings insure a whisper quiet and smooth ride

Swing Action

Since the entire platform swings, the seats remain in a level position during the arc.

  • The smooth and consistent swing movement provides a therapeutic motion
  • All swing occupants can enjoy the same swing motion simultaneously

Powder-coated finish on all aluminum parts

Time tested, state-of-the-art electrostatic powder-coated paint process

  • Will not peel
  • Extremely durable to withstand years of harsh outdoor elements
  • Finish guaranteed for five years

Closed-cell, UV stable vinyl coated steel parts

Durable coating encapsulates all of the steel parts to provide total protection against rusting

  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Vinyl coating and contoured shaped seats adds overall comfort

Heavy gauge extruded aluminum construction

  • Rustproof and maintenance free

Solid stainless steel assembly hardware

  • No rusting and maximum corrosion resistance

Optional Lap Bar

  • Provides a means of extra safety and security for users with limitations.

Optional Deluxe Cushion

Full bench one-piece seat and back cushion designed to withstand outdoor environments. Premium grade fabrics and marine-grade thread provides great durability. Stainless steel snaps securely fasten the cushion to the seat.

Oversize canopy

78” wide by 90” long provides generous shade. Constructed from premier Textilene vinyl coated polyester fabric withstands fading, is mildew resistant and known world over for its durability in continuous outdoor exposure. Solid stainless steel snaps securely fasten the canopy to the frame. The canopy is sewn together using UV stable, marine-grade nylon thread.

Table Handrail

Safety table handrails are attached to both sides of the fiberglass table.

  • Provides assistance during the entry and exit.
  • Provides multiple hand placement options.
  • Offers independent gliding opportunities for all swing occupants.

Dual Lock-Ups

  • Stabilizes the swing during entry and exit.

Swing Size

Height: 7' 4" Base: Approx 7' X 8'
Weight: Approximately 400 lbs.

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“I encourage facilities who have residents who are demented or in pain to try the WhisperGLIDE, as it is so relaxing that it helped soothe the severe pain I was experiencing and witnessing the residents with dementia use it, I saw a calmness come over them while swinging Many would sing or hum while swinging, however, 99% of them would smile!”
- Sherrie Dornberger, RNC, CDONA, GDCN, CDP, FACDONA
NADONA/LTC Executive Director, OH

“The swing is an incredible tool to lessen anxiety for our dementia specific residents and has offered a common ground to facilitate comfortable visits for family members of all ages. We have observed teenagers interacting easily with family members whom they were reluctant to visit.”
- Sharon Giebels
Director of Research and Education
Gulf Coast Village, FL

“Staff members often use the swing’s restful motion to calm agitated residents. The only ‘problem” we have encountered with this swing is that residents do not want to get off and come back inside!”
- Jackie Terpstra
Rest Haven – West, IL

“The swing has been beneficial with our residents who have Traumatic Brain Injuries in order to calm them and redirect them as they become agitated or have behavioral issues.”
- Jill Smith
Assistant Administrator
Winning Wheels, IL

“Our WhisperGLIDEs create an immediate and positive impact on the frequency and quality of interaction between our able-bodied and the ones mobility impaired.”
- Dr. Michael E. Crawford, ReD, CTRS
Director, Recreational Therapy Munroe-Meyer Institute
University of Nebraska Medical Center, NE

“The WhisperGLIDE swing is a product that meets a specialized need. It is an incredibly adaptive piece of equipment. The swing has unparalleled sensory stimulation…Residents can receive upper extremity movement in a relaxed atmosphere.”
- Jennifer Szajacs
Program Manager
Good Shepherd Homes

Therapeutic Benefits

Benefit Components and Possible Outcomes

*Adapted from: Alzheimer’s Disease: Activity Focused Care By Carly R. Heller, OTR/L

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Sensorimotor Components

  1. Sensory Awareness: Opportunity to receive and incorporate sensory stimulation reception and differentiation of sensory stimuli.
Sensory Processing
  • Tactile: Interpretation of touch received through feet, long leg muscles, back, hands, as the swing moves.
    • Proprioception: Reception and interpretation of stimuli responding to muscles, joints and other internal tissues as the body weight is shifted in a forward and back motion, giving information about the position of the body in relation to its parts and overall self awareness of one’s body in space.
    • Vestibular: Movement of the head receiving input from the inner ear receptors regarding appropriate head positioning and movement.
    • Visual: Increased awareness from objects, persons and the overall environment due to increased stimulation as the swing moves.
    • Auditory: Increased awareness of changing source of sounds as the swing moves.

    Neuromuscular Motor Components

    1. Range of Motion: Body movement, especially if active movement is involved including moving onto or off the swing plus the action of swinging.
    2. Muscle Tone: All body muscle movement adds tone depending on the degree of tension or resistance experienced in a muscle or muscle group.
    3. Strength: Dependent on amount of actual involvement in the propelling of the swing.
    4. Endurance: Dependent on the time factor of swing use.
    5. Postural Control: Response to positioning of the body on the swing seat, the body’s center of gravity placement, appropriate weight shifting.
    6. Gross Motor Coordination: Exhibited when moving into, out of the swing and also if involved in the swing’s overall movement.

    Cognitive Components

    1. Level of Arousal: Increases overall stimulation resulting in possible increased alertness.
    2. Orientation / Recognition: May provide an increase in overall orientation and awareness, promoted by an integration from the swing’s sensory stimulation.
    3. Attention Span: Continued focus on the activity of swinging, the persons present and the environment may be increased because of the pleasantness and sensory stimulation of the movement.
    4. Memory / Reminiscing: Excellent source for reminiscing of past enjoyment of swings. their location, persons involved, time of year, etc.

    Socialization Components

    1. Provides activity to interact with others, increasing possible awareness resulting in activating interpersonal skills.
    2. Stimulus for promoting conversation and increased socialization because all persons gliding are seated at eye level.
    3. Shared Meaningful Activity: A possibly successful opportunity that requires only “being there”.
    4. Appropriate Non-Verbal Activity
    5. Anxiety Reduction: Swinging usually provides a calming motion.
    6. Apathy Refocusing: Compels the initiation of movement.