Enhancing lives, one swing at a time

The WhisperGLIDE Swing Company is owned and operated by the husband and wife team of Matt and Susan Richardson. Married 38 years, the college sweethearts met at the University of Denver. They purchased the company from founder George Knuteson in April, 2018.

Both serial entrepreneurs, Matt had ownership in several plastics companies, before retiring from DePuy Orthopedics. He spent 27 successful years at DePuy, leading a nationally recognized sales force that consistently ranked among the top performers in the company. Susan founded Etiquette Essentials LLC in 1992 which provided corporate training in business etiquette and professional development for Fortune 500 companies, major universities and smaller regional businesses.

When the Richardson’s purchased WhisperGLIDE in 2018, the timing was serendipitous, as Matt was nearing retirement from his career in orthopedics and admits he was, “looking for my next challenging endeavor.” His tenure as an effective sales leader nurturing relationships across a wide spectrum has proven a fantastic training ground for growing the WhisperGLIDE brand and client base.

Matt explains, “The underlying driver throughout my career was that the products I represented, directly improved the quality of people’s lives. Now, WhisperGLIDE allows me the opportunity to continue improving the lives of our fellow citizens as well.”

When asked how this ‘second-act career’ has positively impacted their lives; Matt responds without hesitation, “We are routinely told stories of how the swings have brought such tremendous joy and happiness in ways we’d never imagined. Susan & I get an incredible amount of emotional profit from this product we profoundly believe in.”

George Knutson’s original rendition of the swing had a seat made of oak wood strips. By 1992 he’d advanced the product to sturdier construction and WhisperGLIDE was born! 

This husband and wife team shows no signs of slowing down as they prepare to meet the ever changing landscape in the Senior and Special Needs sectors. While vowing to continue seeking high-impact solutions for those they serve, WhisperGLIDE provides the perfect platform for them to continue their devotion to bring joy and happiness to all….one swing at a time.

Customer Feedback

Matt & Susan Richardson, owners of the WhisperGLIDE Swing Company.