The RockerGLIDE is a big HIT here! We placed it outside for the summer. The glider is a great asset by giving residents a comfortable place to socialize. The rocking action is soothing and relaxing. ‘I love to meet my friends by the swing!’ They line up every day. Due to its demand, we sometimes have to put up a sign up sheet, just to make sure all get a turn! They absolutely love it and are proud to show it off to their visiting families.

Michael Lorenz, Housing Director, The Alton Memory Care, St. Paul, Minnesota

“I encourage facilities who have residents who are demented or in pain to try the WhisperGLIDE, as it is so relaxing that it helped soothe the severe pain I was experiencing and witnessing the residents with dementia use it, I saw a calmness come over them while swinging Many would sing or hum while swinging, however, 99% of them would smile!”
- Sherrie Dornberger, RNC, CDONA, GDCN, CDP, FACDONA
NADONA/LTC Executive Director, OH

“The swing is an incredible tool to lessen anxiety for our dementia specific residents and has offered a common ground to facilitate comfortable visits for family members of all ages. We have observed teenagers interacting easily with family members whom they were reluctant to visit.”
- Sharon Giebels
Director of Research and Education
Gulf Coast Village, FL

Staff members often use the swing’s restful motion to calm agitated residents. The only ‘problem” we have encountered with this swing is that residents do not want to get off and come back inside!

Jackie Terpstra, Administrator, Rest Haven – West, IL

“The swing has been beneficial with our residents who have Traumatic Brain Injuries in order to calm them and redirect them as they become agitated or have behavioral issues.”
- Jill Smith
Assistant Administrator
Winning Wheels, IL

“Our WhisperGLIDEs create an immediate and positive impact on the frequency and quality of interaction between our able-bodied and the ones mobility impaired.”
- Dr. Michael E. Crawford, ReD, CTRS
Director, Recreational Therapy Munroe-Meyer Institute
University of Nebraska Medical Center, NE

The WhisperGLIDE swing is a product that meets a specialized need. It is an incredibly adaptive piece of equipment. The swing has unparalleled sensory stimulation…Residents can receive upper extremity movement in a relaxed atmosphere.

Jennifer Szajacs, Program Manager, Good Shepherd Homes

“The RockerGLIDE is a very cost-effective way to reduce agitation, which is common in dementia. Residents gravitate to this great gathering spot. It it just plain fun!”
- Sharon Claflin, Nurse Manager
Wealshire of Bloomington, Bloomington, Minnesota

“Frequently we transfer wheelchair users onto the RockerGLIDE. All who use it love the experience. Their smiles tell the whole story!”
- Michelle Zieger, Program Supervisor
Midwest Special Services, A Training and Day Care Center, St. Paul, Minnesota

“I LOVE the new RockerGLIDE! The constant motion simulates the cerebral cortex, thereby increasing a person’s ability to focus and concentrate, and assists them to relax. Gliding can help decrease agitation. Constant gliding motion helps those with pain, dementia of any kind, and a number of other conditions. We are all looking for ways to decrease psychoactive drugs, and relieve pain. Gliding is an answer!”
- Sherrie Dornberger, RN, GDCN, CADDCT, CDP, CDONA
NADONA/LTC Executive Director, Cincinnati, Ohio