The swing is an incredible tool to minimize agitation for our residents with Dementia. It facilitates comfortable visits for family members of all ages.

- Sharon Giebels, Director of Research and Education
Gulf Coast Village, FL

Your WhisperGLIDE swing has been incredible for our young residents. Not only does it give them a calm and relaxing experience, it gives them an opportunity to play together! It's a fun way to get exercise, learn balance and maintain range of motion. The parents of our child-residents spend lots of time swinging with their loved ones during visits.

- Ginni Himes, Activities Director
Manor Children's Home

The 23 WhisperGLIDE swings we ordered over several years work extremely well in meeting our clients needs.

- Max Cupp, Director of Environmental Services
Glenwood Resource Center

The swing has been beneficial with our residents who have Traumatic Brain Injuries in order to calm them and redirect them as they become agitated or have behavioral issues.

- Jill Smith, Assistant Administrator
Winning Wheels, IL

The WhisperGLIDE swing is an incredibly adaptive piece of equipment that meets a specialized need. An unparalleled sensory stimulation, residents receive upper extremity movement in a relaxed atmosphere.

- Jennifer Szajacs, Program Manager
Good Shepherd Homes

We have several swings. It warms my heart when I see multiple generations of a family on a swing with one of our residents. Everyone has a smile, feeling happy and satisfied because there is something for people of all ages. Young and old can safely enjoy the swing as they enjoy each other’s company.

- Pat J. Vincent, CEO
Three Links Care Center