Recognition Plaque


WhisperGLIDE Swing Recognition Plaque (2” X 7”). When checking out, please include desired inscription within "Special Instructions for Seller" box.

Product Description
WhisperGLIDE Swing Recognition Plaque (2” X 7”). When checking out, please include desired inscription within "Special Instructions for Seller" box.

How long does it take to assemble the swing?

It takes two people approximately 2½hours to assemble the swing.

Does the swing REQUIRE a level surface?

YES! The glider must be on a hard,level surface in order to swing smoothly. An uneven surface can cause glider damage and void your warranty. Also, the lock-up receptacles need to be mounted on a solid surface. We recommend a level concrete pad due to its durability and not shifting over time. Further surface options are properly installed large patio pavers, level asphalt or a sturdy wood deck.

What is the shipping lead time?

Swings will typically ship in 2-3 weeks after receiving the order.

How is the swing shipped?

The swing is shipped via common carrier in eight(8) cardboard boxes that are banded and shrink wrapped to a 48”x 95” wooden pallet. The shrink wrap and banding can be removed allowing the boxes to be unloaded individually. The shipment weighs 550# and special arrangements can be made to unload it off the back of the semi-trailer.

Do you ship to Canada?

YES! We ship to all the provinces in Canada.

What prevents the glider from moving during entry and exit?

Two lockup shafts, one on each side of the swing, provide a secure interface with the lock-up receptacles mounted to the ground.

Does the swing need to be fastened down?

Yes. The Swing Fasteners Kit includes 3/16"X 1-1/2"anchor screws plus a concrete bit for drilling the screw holes for the swing legs and lockup receptacles.

Will the WhisperGLIDE rust?

No. The frame and seat end castings are aluminum, the hardware is either stainless steel or bronze. The steel seats, platform and ramp are fully encapsulated in a durable, UV resistant vinyl coating that is used in playground equipment.

How durable is the paint?

The powder coating, using electrostatics, is bonded to the metal and cured in a 400°furnace. This technology provides a hard durable and scratch-resistant surface that can withstand the harshest outdoor elements.

Can a WhisperGLIDE swing remain outside in the winter?

Yes, however,removing the canopy and cushion will prolong their lifespan. Also, by covering the seats and swing floor with a plastic tarp will provide protection and reduce spring cleanup.

Can the WhisperGLIDE be placed inside?

Yes! In many areas of the United States, care centers are placing swings indoors, which results in year-round use, regardless of weather or time of day.

What causes the WhisperGLIDE to swing?

The hallmark of theWhisperGLIDE is its easy gliding motion. To ensure a quiet, smooth ride, we use self-lubricating, full-length bronze bushings and stainless steel shafts. Thus, you can swing either by gently moving the table safety handrail with your hands or by pushing on the swing platform with your feet. Since the entire platform swings, the wheelchair remains in a level position during the gliding motion, thus all swing occupants can enjoy the same swing motion simultaneously.