"We heard you, we listened and we acted!"

WhisperGLIDE is thrilled to announce the launch of the new Single Bench RockerGLIDE!

Last spring, we introduced the two bench RockerGLIDE, a freestanding, indoor/outdoor compact glider. While the two bench version has been very well received, most notably by the senior living industry, there were inquiries for a single bench style.

The single bench RockerGLIDE is ideal for placing along a walking path, in garden and courtyard spaces or at the front entrance area. Because we recognize the importance of outdoor enjoyment for overall wellness, we expanded our product line to include the single bench RockerGLIDE to better meet the needs of the marketplace.

Like the two bench version, the very low-profile platform and well placed handrails provide safety and security in transferring in and out of the bench, especially from a walker or wheelchair. In addition, the solid rubber, slip resistant threshold ramps provide a seamless transition when entering or exiting the glider.

The design and components used in the RockerGLIDE will provide maintenance-free enjoyment for more than 20 years. However, the best part of the RockerGLIDE is the unmatched smooth gliding motion that soothes the soul and melts away anxiety while enjoying the wonders of being outdoors.