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WhisperGLIDE® Features

Valued Features and Benefits of the WhisperGLIDE®

Swing Movement with Oil-lite Bushings
Created with feet on the swing platform and/or hands on the table handrail and/or therapeutic handles

  • Whisper-action components assure quiet, smooth ride!

Upper Frame & Swing Legs
Rustproof heavy gauge aluminum

  • Strong and maintenance free!

Powder-coat frame finish
State-of-the-art powder paint electrostatic process.

  • Will not peel
  • Extreme durability!

Seats & Floor Floor Handrail
Closed-cell vinyl-clad steel. Seat ends feature gracefully curved accents .
Safety Floor Handrail constructed with heavy gauge aluminum.

  • Sturdy entry and exit
  • Easy to clean
  • Comfortable and attractive!

Twin Lockups & Assembly Hardware
All stainless steel

  • Maximum corrosion resistance!

78" wide 90" long. Premium grade fabrics Textilene® vinyl-coated polyester or Leisuretex™ vinyl/olefin blend fabrics. Exterior grade stainless steel snaps fastened to straps for attachment to frame. Sewn with marine-grade thread.

  • Premium grade, attractive fabrics
  • Generous shade!

Table HandRail and Therapeutic Handles
Safety Table HandRail attached to both sides of center fiberglass table. Therapeutic Handle attached on wheelchair-side swing hangers. Multiple-choice hand placement.

  • Allows for varying armlength
  • Promotes increased range of motion exercise
  • Offers independent gliding opportunity

Wheelchair Platform
Will accommodate most power and long or short wheelbase wheelchairs.
Wheelchair Space Front to Back: 43"
Platform Width: 33"

  • Length is adjustable with one hand

Wheelchair Ramp
Incline: 10% Width: 33" Platform and Ramp closed-cell vinyl-clad steel

Wheelchair Swing Action
Wheelchair remains in a level position during the swing arc .

  • A secure and satisfying swing experience

Space Required for Two Bench and Wheelchair Models
Depends on type of swing, location of swing entry and exit, and your specific needs. For recommended space allotment, call for your individual guidelines or see WhisperGLIDE Swing Location & Considerations Guide.

Weight Capacity
900+ lbs

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