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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the WhisperGLIDE be placed inside?
Yes! In many areas of the United States, care centers are placing swings indoors, which results in year-round use, regardless of weather or time of day.

What causes the WhisperGLIDE to swing?
The hallmark of the WhisperGLIDE is its easy swinging action. To ensure a quiet, smooth ride, we use self lubricating full-length bronze bushings and stainless steel shafts. Thus, you can swing either by gently moving the table safety handrail with your hands or by pushing on the swing platform with your feet. The design and materials facilitate one able-bodied person to provide passive rocking for those who cannot physically participate.

What prevents the glider from moving during entry and exit?
Two lockup shafts provide a secure interface with the lock-up receptacles mounted to the ground.

Does the swing NEED a level surface?
Yes. The glider must be on a level surface in order to swing smoothly. An uneven surface can cause glider damage and void your warranty. Also, the lock-up receptacles need to be mounted on a solid surface. We recommend a hard, flat surface such as concrete or wood.

Does the swing need to be fastened down?
Yes. The Swing Fasteners Kit includes 3/16" X 1-1/4" anchor screws plus a concrete bit for drilling the screw holes for the swing legs and lockup receptacles.

Will the WhisperGLIDE rust?
No. The frame and seat end castings are aluminum, the bolts and shafts are stainless steel and the seats and platform are vinyl clad steel.

How durable is the paint?
The powder coating, using electrostatics, is bonded to the metal and cured in a 400° furnace. This technology provides a hard scratch-resistant surface.

Can a WhisperGLIDE remain outside in the winter?
Yes. Do remove the canopy, cushion, canopy rods and canopy end rails. Cover the seats and swing floor with plastic sheeting to reduce spring cleanup.

How much time is required for delivery?
Allow 3-4 weeks depending on the time of year of your order.

What fabric choices are available for the canopy and cushions?
Click here for a complete list of available fabrics for the canopy and cushions.


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